At Juelich Supercomputing Center, we are on the lookout for motivated interns interested in writing their master thesis in AI.


Nov 2023-Present: Scientific researcher at the Applied machine learning lab, part of the HELMHOLTZ AI team, Juelich Supercomputing Center.

Dec 2017-Aug 2019, Feb 2021-Aug 2022, Aug 2022-Dec 2023. PhD student in computer science, computer vision.

During these dates I worked as a PhD student in computer science at the University of Bonn. Since April 2023 I also worked as a course instructor for undergrad CS courses (AI, Computer Graphics, Data Structures and Algorithms).

MSc in computer science, University of Bonn.

BSc in computer and software engineering, Technion.

Research interests

Human pose estimation, Weakly supervised and semi-supervised learning, Optimization in CNNs using constraints, Ordinal prediction for sets, Semantic segmentation, Tracking, Optical flow, Scene flow, Generative adversarial models, Robustness against adversarial attacks, Representation learning, Bias elimination in computer vision algorithms.

Research internships:

Applied scientist intern at Amazon Go, August 2021-August 2022. My work focused on synthesizing conditional human motion data.

Research intern at Facebook Reality Labs, August 2019-Jan 2020: I worked on differentiable rendering and optical flow for human body tracking.

Master’s students

Chun-Peng Chang. Thesis: Synthesizing 3D Human Meshes from Text.

Ragith Ayyappan Kutty. Thesis: Multi-Person Tracking Using Generative Models.

Pratika Kochar. Thesis: Multi-Person Pose Generation from Captions.

Yifei Zhang. Thesis: Adversarial Synthesis of Human Pose from Text. Won the best master thesis award in DAGM Young Researchers’ Forum 2020.